Eco-design of buildings and infrastructure

Offers a science-based methodology for green urban design

The Chair on Ecodesign for buildings and infrastructures was created by ParisTech in partnership with VINCI with the aim of developing evaluation and simulation tools that integrate all ecodesign aspects (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, impact on biodiversity, depletion of resources, etc.) and provide genuine decision-aid instruments, based on a scientific approach, to all those involved in the urban environment (i.e. designers, builders and users).

The present book takes stock of five years of research under the Chair. It starts by presenting some methodological bases of ecodesign, life cycle assessments, impact studies, and methods for planning and transport. Several specific subjects are then covered, i.e. public transport, parking, road traffic, the environmental profile of building materials, building retrofits, energy management, and biodiversity. The last part of the book sets out how the knowledge and tools developed under the Chair were applied to a case study: Cité Descartes in Marne la Vallée (Ile de France).

This work is aimed at urban planners, local authorities, contracting clients, architects, engineering firms, contractors, building managers, research lecturers, and anyone interested in the environmental quality of the places we live in.

Contact : Bruno PEUPORTIER du CES, centre communà MINES ParisTech et ARMINES

Ouvrage disponible aux éditions CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group

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Eco-design of buildings and infrastructure - MINES ParisTech


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